The Quest Starts Here

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“What an amazing book! I found myself stuck in a mystery world I felt I had visited so long ago. I could easily relate to the feelings and interactions of the characters, which makes a book captivate me. I found myself finding excuses to read more, and play on facebook less! Thanks for bringing me back to reality, or better yet, a vivid fantasy! Awaiting the next book!” Reviewer

“Havenglade seems real! It’s like a place I’ve been before but perhaps just a dream. I was blown away by the world this author has created.” Reviewer

“…his style works: it is concise, showing both the world and Laurena’s own emotions and struggles with clarity. The plot leaves you wondering at character’s motivations and future plans, and teaches you toreconsider the trust you have for those in the traditionally “good” roles often seen in Fantasy.”

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