The Journey Begins

The Daughter of Havenglade noblebright fantasy series is written by H.C. Harrington in the expansive Havenglade world. In a land of majestic castles, mystical creatures, and powerful crystals the only thing more important than loyalty is power…and some will stop at nothing to obtain it.


From the sleepy village of Havoli, a new hope arises. The return of an ancient and unspeakable evil threatens to rock Havenglade into a new dark age.

Book 1 Available for Free

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“This book has it all! Gripping storyline, relatable characters and adventure, with a good
amount of page-flipping adrenaline to boot.” Review


“Havenglade seems real! It’s like a place I’ve been before but perhaps just a dream. I was blown away
by the world this author has created.”
Goodreads Review